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Girls Hooking Up

As most of us know, when girls hook up with a guy on online dating platforms, they tend to be a little ruthless. We’ve all had to go through a breakup at some point in our lives, and although it is usually for the better, it can seem a little insurmountable at first. When girls start hooking up with men online, they can be a little overwhelmed by their options. This is because when a girl signs up for an adult dating website, most men will end up messaging her to see how high their chances are. These girls will receive an insane amount of messages, which will make them feel more entitled to keep hooking up. Can we really blame someone for dumping us when they have so many other options and have made it clear that it was only a casual fling in the first place? No, we can’t. Sure, girls hooking up can be a little wild, but in the end, who are we to judge?

How To Dump Someone Gracefully

There are many different ways to dump someone gracefully. However, there are no easy ways. Making the decision to end a relationship is very difficult, but in the end it can be exactly what you need to start growing as a person. If you want to dump your partner, but don’t want to do it in an insulting way, then you need to learn how to dump someone gracefully. The most important part of breaking up with someone is giving them a reason for the breakup. You can’t simply say that it’s over and then disappear. In order to properly dump someone, you need to have reasons, but not insulting ones.

Doing It In Person

If the time has come to end your relationship, you need to make sure end it compationalety and thoughtfully. Sending someone a text message and telling them that you can’t see them anymore is one of the worst things to do. Sure, it’s the easiest way to get your point across but it will probably come back to bite you in the butt. To break up with someone properly, you need to think about doing it in person. By breaking up in person, you are showing them that you respect them and want to make sure they are alright. When breaking up with someone in person, you will be able to answer their questions, console them, and let them know you still care but don’t feel like you once did. If you’ve been dating someone for a long time, and then break up with them by text, they will probably end up banging on your door the same night.

Cutting Off All Contact

Once you have broken up with you partner, you will be able to start working on yourself. A good thing about breaking up in person, is that you’ll have the chance to tell them that you need space and are thinking about cutting off all contact until you’ve both had enough time to think things over. By cutting off all contact, you will give your ex lover the chance to heal and get over you once and for all. After a couple months of no contact, you can always message them to see how things are going, and have a nice conversation with no hard feelings involved. By dumping someone gracefully, you give yourself the chance to remain on good terms with them, opposed to making a brand new enemy who will spread lies about you and give you a bad reputation. If you break up in person, give them significant reason, talk about how you feel, apologize and thank them for everything, and then ask to cut off contact in order to move on, they will probably heal a lot faster and respect your decision.

Don’t Make A Scene

The number one rule to breaking up with someone gracefully is not making a scene. If you know that your partner has the tendency to raise their voice when angry, you might need to pick a proper setting to stop them from causing a fuss. Don’t break up with your lover in a cafe, shopping mall, or any public place really. To stop them from making a scene and drawing in unwanted attention, you can always dump them in their home or in a park. Another easy way to stop them from making a scene is to just drive to their place, ask them to get into your car, and then break up with them in there.