relationship problemsRelationship Problems

Finding out your partner is using adult hookup sites

Finding out that your partner is using an adult hookup site to cheat on you might as well be the worst news in the world. Not only are they choosing to stay in a relationship, but they are choosing to cheat on the person they are supposed to love. Coming face to face with the facts can be very difficult to accept, but when the facts are all there, you need to accept that your partner is subscribed to adult hookup sites with the hopes of cheating on you. When you confront your partner, they might immediately be overcome with grief, and swear to you that they have never met up with anyone. Your partner might confess to using adult hookup sites to chat with horny singles and nothing more. If you believe them, and want to learn how to fix your relationship, you can always give couples counseling a try.

Is couples counseling for you?

Is couples counseling for you? Well it is if you feel like you need some help getting through a relationship problem. Couples counseling is for serious couples who want to fix their problems at any cost. It can also really help couples who are suffering from anger management issues. If you and your partner need to address some issues, but end up fighting every time you do, going to couples counseling might just be a fantastic idea. Your couples counselor will help you say what you’re thinking, and you will leave your appointment with a light mind and heavy heart. Couples counseling certainly isn’t for every couple, but it can definitely help a different variety of couples overcome some hard times. If the most important thing in your life is to save your relationship and stay with your partner, couples counseling is definitely for you. If saving your relationship sounds stupid, boring, and useless, it is probably time to break up with your partner and start looking for someone new. In the end, couples counseling is for anyone who wants to save their relationship.

Do you need help solving your relationship problems?

Every relationship has problems, but some have more than others. Depending on your lover’s characteristics, overcoming relationship problems might seem impossible. If your partner is unreasonable, difficult, verbally abusive, and just plain angry, you might need some help solving your relationship problems. When a couple is comes together to solve a problem, only good things can happen, but sometimes angry people are unable to solve problems because of their strong emotions. They may feel victimized, confused and insulted that their partner wants to get help from a couples counselor. Angry people usually have a lot of pride, and so if you’re dating someone who has anger management issues, seeking the help of a professional can really help you solve your relationship problems.

Is your sex life nonexistent?

A good relationship starts and ends in the bedroom. If you are in a relationship with someone who never wants to have sex with you, you might want to start asking yourself some difficult questions. If your sex life in nonexistent, something is definitely wrong with the way things are going. For a relationship to be healthy, you need to be having regular sex and sharing intimate moments with your partner, once you stop doing this, you might start feeling stuck in your relationship. A lively sex life will make you and your partner feel more in love with each other, while neglecting your sex life will make you resent each other. If you and your partner have stopped having sex, you need to ask yourself you’re still in love, attracted, and devoted to your partner.

Is saving your relationship worth it?

Couples counseling can be very expensive, and so if you are thinking about paying for a professional for relationship advice, you better be sure that your relationship is worth it. If you want to make sure that your relationship is worth saving before enrolling yourself in therapy sessions, find out how your partner feels about it first. If your partner doesn’t want anything to do with couples counseling and laughs at the idea, see it as a sign. If your partner is unwilling to change, or even make the smallest of modifications, see it as a sign. But most important of all, close your eyes and visualize what you want your future to look like. Are they in it? If you can easily formulate a future with a different partner, see it as a sign.

being disabled

Things can get spicy even you are disabled

It’s not that easy to get around when you’re disabled physically. Maybe you’re in a wheelchair, or maybe you’re just temporarily on crutches. Whatever the case, you should bear in mind that there’s always a way to still have fun, especially on hookups when you’d least expect it. You don’t have to stop having those no strings flings that you really enjoy just because you’re in a wheelchair, and if anything, it can actually add another element to your hookups that you’d never expect. There are a lot of fun ways to actually make your disability a lot of fun, so you might as well stay comfortable in your own skin, and not worry about whether or not that wheelchair makes your life difficult in the bedroom.

There Are Some Fun Power-Play Dynamics to Explore

enjoy power play

You can still enjoy a power-play

This isn’t for everyone, but there’s definitely something to be said about the power-play dynamics that you can mess around with when you’re on a no strings fling and also in a wheelchair. Considering you’re not going to be able to run laps around Saskatoon, there’s a good chance that you’re hookup is going to have to do a lot of the work for you, and there’s no reason why the two of you can’t play that up in a way that’s actually pretty damn sexy. There are a lot of simple BDSM scenes that can very easily be brought into the bedroom like this. If your partner is already into waiting on your hand and foot, there’s no reason why they can’t take it to the next level with BDSM. Of course, the two of you should always discuss any sort of Dom/sub relationship–no matter how temporary–at length before you dive right into it. This will make the two of you have a much more fulfilling hookup, and you’ll have a lot more fun being able to boss her around from your wheelchair, which, honestly, might as well be your throne for the evening. There are a lot of different ways you can work this kind of situation, but if you’re the Dom, it will probably be easier. Being able to order your sub around while they wait on you and generally pleasure you in whatever way you want the hookup to go will be enjoyable for both of you, and hopefully, you’ll find out that being in a wheelchair really isn’t the kind of thing that you need to think will hinder you sexually in the future.

Even If You’re Just on Crutches…

having fun in bed

Let her ride you if your leg is broken

Maybe your disability is a temporary thing, and that’s fine. You can still work it in the bedroom and have a lot of fun while you’re doing it. If you’re on crutches while you’re having your hookups in Saskatoon, for example, you can still have a lot of fun in the bedroom. Limited mobility doesn’t mean that you have to be hindered in any real way; it’s just going to take some finagling in order to make it all work out in the end. One of the easiest ways to make this part of your no strings fling work is to simply let her do a lot of the work when it comes to penetrative sex. If you have a broken leg, obviously you’re not going to be the most mobile or have the easiest time when it comes to banging her into next week. There are several different positions you can try instead, and a lot of times, just having her on top is the simplest answer. She can ride you while you enjoy yourself underneath her, and maybe play with her breasts or otherwise touch her wherever she wants it. This can be done in bed, in a chair, or wherever the two of you are most comfortable.Oral sex is also something that you shouldn’t count out. She can either be giving it to you, or you can be giving it to her. There are many different positions the two of you can try out that aren’t going to involve you doing a lot of maneuvering, and that’s always important if you’re just having some mobility issues. Your disability–no matter how permanent or temporary–obviously has no bearing on how much fun you can have in the bedroom when you have options like these available. It’s definitely all what you end up making of it.

The Fun of Bondage

metal bondage

Spice things up with some metal bondage

If you’re already a little immobile then bondage is probably something that has occurred to you in order to spice things up a bit. Having your partner string you up adds an eroticism to something that has probably become a mundane fact of life, and that’s what hookups are supposed to be–spice to your life that you really, sorely need. As with any form of bondage or consent play, there’s the fact that you need to chat about safe words beforehand. Once that is the out of the way, however, you can have some fun either being strung up, or if you’re at least somewhat mobile, you can string your partner up in interesting ways as well. There are other forms of bondage that involve chastity devices that they can actually wear that aren’t going to impede their mobility, but give you a greater deal of control when it comes to making sure they actually orgasm or not. There are several different kinds of bondage that can be brought into the bedroom, and especially on hookups, the two of you can go wild and discuss what you think would work best for both of you, your situation, and of course, whatever disability that you’re dealing with at the same time.

Sex Toys Always Work

At the end of the day, there’s honestly nothing better than a vibrator. It simply makes everything easier for everyone, and we’ve never really met a girl that wasn’t interested in being teased with one in at least one way. That’s why we highly suggest that you have at least one vibrator in your hookup arsenal. They’re especially useful if you’re one with limited mobility, because you can always ask your partner to pleasure herself while you watch. This kind of mutual masturbation can be an extremely erotic thing on a hookup, and you can masturbate yourself while she does the same with the vibrator…or with any other sex toy that she wants to use at the time. You can also incorporate dirty talk into the scene, or any other fantasy that the two of you want to act out at the time. The sky’s the limit with this one, and that’s why you should just let your imagination run wild and give you every opportunity to have fun in the bedroom.

All in all, your disability should never end up hindering you while you’re on a hookup. No one’s going to care so long as you’re out there to have fun, and we guarantee there are women out there really into guys just like you. There’s no need to feel self-conscious about it in anyway, and if you’re still good at having fun in the sack, then you’re going to end up a dozen times more popular than anyone without a disability!