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How To Win An Argument: Every Time!

Winning an argument might not sound like the most important thing, but it can sometimes be necessary. In order for you to win an argument every single time, you need to make sure that you’re always right. If you know you are right, then you should have no problem at winning an argument. If you have gotten into an argument with someone at work, in the service industry, or even on, you need to know how to come out on top. To win an argument, you need to have valid points and proof backing your statements up. Without proof you will just look like a liar and lose the argument. By taking pictures of conversations and keeping even the smallest details on record, you will be able to prove your adversary wrong if need be. Also, by keeping calm and talking in an educated manner, you can easily win an argument without breaking into a sweat.

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Much like every other local dating website, you need to be smart about who you talk to. At, we try our hardest to eliminate every type of threat, but as you must know scammers will usually find their loopholes. When using to hook up with beautiful women or sexy men, we suggest that you do not give out any personal information via the internet. A popular scam that we have seen before, is the one of super hot women messaging men and sending them provocative pictures. When the man responds, and asks to see more, these ‘women’ ask for their credit card information. This is a pretty obvious scam, but we just felt the need to cover all of our bases. If you do receive a message like this, feel free to report it, in fact it’s encouraged.

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At, we want you to have the opportunity to get laid. If you happen to be in Vancouver, then you will notice that there are a high volume of gorgeous women looking for casual hookups. The one tip we have for you, is to make sure your online dating profile is inviting, cool, and easy to read. Stumbling on someones profile and seeing that they wrote 5 paragraphs under their profile, is a turnoff for most women. So if you want to get laid, and we’re sure you do, then make sure to keep it simple. Also, put up some attractive pictures of yourself on your online dating profile. This will double your chances of getting laid. Your online dating profile is the first thing anyone will see, so make sure it is outstanding. If someone does not like your pictures or you online dating profile, they will simply click next and you will be forgotten. Don’t let this happen, and certainly don’t put yourself in the position to miss out of some good online hookups. Trust us when we say that your online dating profile is the first step in getting you laid.