Adult Personals Not Creepy Just Cool

I was sitting alone on another Saturday night trying to figure out if I wanted to order out of just stick in another microwave meal when it occurred to me that there has to be something better out there than being alone all the time. I know that there are many options for meeting people, but unfortunately, either I don’t feel adventurous enough, or I just find the whole thing creepy. Instead of trying something new I have always opted to play it straight and go the traditional route. The thing is that obviously it hasn’t worked for me. All of my friends have all been paired up, long ago in fact, while I sit and wait for Ms. Right to come along. Although I am quite sure that if she were going to come along, she has and has left already, I don’t want to spend my time here on earth alone.

a beautiful woman

She is waiting on personal ads…no seriously

I have resorted to hanging out with a set of guys who all are in the same boat. You probably already know all of us, or have people in your life who are exactly like us. There is the guy who just wants to sleep with anything that moves, but no longer can because he burned all his bridges. Then there is the guy who is too awkward to be around so he just lives with his mother. I also have a friend who is the guy who makes your skin crawl because he has the social skills of, well of nothing. Finally there is, me. I don’t know who or what I am. All that I know is that I have no had it lucky enough to be lucky with girls.One of the guys in the group came by for football night the other night and told us that he was having some luck trying new things. Of course we all pretended not to listen and called him a loser, but I know that we were all hanging on the edge of our seats. The prospect of being able to find someone to connect to is something we all crave even if we don’t want to admit it. What he was talking about was something called adult personals.We all have heard of Craigslist and have pretty much written it off. It is chalked full of personal ads to find women but what it really is, is nothing more than a scam, or a place to find prostitutes. It isn’t that I think I am too special, I just refuse to pay for sex. The thing about it is that I want sex, but ultimately I want to find someone to have sex with more than once, maybe even on a continual basis. If that is going to happen, I am not going to find her on an escort site. That is what I thought of when he was talking about adult personals.Insisting that we all first of all stop laughing and making fun of him, he quickly clarified that adult personals are not about going onto Craigslist and finding a hooker. Adult personals are something that you can find on specific sites on the internet. There are all sorts of adult personals that allow you to get in touch with women across the nation, or even just next door, to meet up and have a good time with.

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Adult personals really can offer you what you desire

Adult personals, he told us, allows you to window shop through the internet to find girls who are just what it is that you are looking for. Set up like a dating site, they have profile pictures that go along with profiles that talk about who they are, and what they are looking for. The most convenient way to date, he said that he really has had some luck. Let me just stop there and preface the rest of this by saying that of all of us “losers” he is by far the biggest. That led us all to start really thinking about whether adult personals are something that may be good for us too.I kept my mouth shut for fear of ridicule but if I can be honest with you, the minute that everyone went home I was on the internet searching through all the adult personals sites (from this website) to find the one that I could really think about hoping on. To my surprise there were hundreds to choose from and none of them scared me or made me think that there was anything creepy about it. There were beautiful women on the site that all had the same stories that match up with how I feel.Most of the women on adult personals are just looking for someone to share some time with. They aren’t looking for a husband, unless that is what you are looking for, and they aren’t looking to scam you. Most of them are professionals who just don’t have the time, or the desire to go to the bars and be a piece of meat anymore. They have found that hoping online and saving their time for those who really seem worthy is the best way to go.I finally found a site that I thought had women who were similar to me so I made a profile and did a trial membership. I was very fearful of rejection or being scammed, so I took it very slow and decided that whatever happened, as long as I didn’t get my hopes up I would be okay. After all, it couldn’t be any worse than being shot down in a bar and it certainly couldn’t be any worse than another night sitting on the couch alone eating frozen food on a Saturday night.

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Not lucky through traditional ways, very lucky online

I am happy to say that I was able to meet a woman, in fact ten women over the course of the past several months who I have had the pleasure of spending time together with. They have all added some fun to my boring and lonely life. I will never look down on anyone who wants to try something new and I especially won’t ever say anything but wonderful things about adult personals. They were just the thing that I needed to find love in my life.