The most essential function of search engine marketing is to attract targeted visitors to your product and service, and generate sales or leads from there. The most effective way of attracting target audience is by pulling traffic from the search engines where the website is being marketed. Once the traffic is roped in, it is time then to present your website in such a manner that they convert from visitors to lead.

Do Make your Landing Page Attractive

In order to make the visitors buy something from the services and products that you put on display, make your landing pages attractive. Landing pages are the first page visitors enter in your website once they have clicked on your search engine ad. This applies to those websites, too, which do not sell tangible products through their search engine marketing tricks. Even if you wish your visitors to come and sign in to your website, the landing page should be able to give the message across to them.

15 Ways To Optimize Your Website's Landing Pages
15 Ways To Optimize Your Website’s Landing Pages

Don’t Lead Your Target Audience to the Sales Pages Directly

Many websites commit the mistake of taking their visitors directly to the home page. This is not a healthy sign for lead generation. The reason is that in most commercial websites, visitor who might enter some other page and not the sale page and move out without actually doing anything useful to you.

Do Make Your Landing Page Simple

One important factor about landing pages is that, they need to be simple and talking only about what needs to be done in the website. Try not to incorporate too many clicks in the landing page that will repel the user and force him to opt out of it.

5 Questions to Create Effective Landing Pages for Your Website
5 Questions to Create Effective Landing Pages for Your Website

Don’t Lose Your Focus

The landing pages on the other hand are more extremely to the point in its approach. The best part about the landing pages is that they need not be a part of your website. They could just be connecting page that will execute the action from the visitor and lead him to the website once he is through with his action. May it be a sign-up, a purchase or a membership, make sure he leaves your page having done something for you.

Do Generate Trust from Target Audience

Your website landing page should be able to exude “trust”. It should be convincing and trust worthy enough to attract users to perform the target action. It should not only display the product or service, but should also add information and knowledge to your user, in order to accomplish your search engine marketing campaign.

Many website owners do not realize the potential of a good landing page in search engine. The simple way of increasing ROI from your search engine marketing campaign is to persuade your visitor to generate a lead through an attractive, compelling and smart landing page.